Dating an unattractive man

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But those guys who walk the line between nerd and die-hard geek could use just a little luring out of their shell.

Underneath all of those odd hobbies and quirky friends, these men can not only hold a conversation, but they also champion a woman with an education, a large vocabulary and a mind of her own.

If physical attributes are high on your list of fulfillment when it comes to the opposite sex, then maybe you can’t get past a set of less than straight teeth, an extra receding hairline, or a hefty pair of men breasts; but if you can then there may be a man underneath the flaws (that we all have) that can love and appreciate you.

While some women will unapologetically admit that looks are a major priority, there are others who would prefer a man that isn’t the envy of all women or a man who may not be accustomed to her beauty: and although beauty is subjective, research has suggested that women will choose to date less than attractive men because most are more interested in having a supportive (financial and emotional) man, whereas men place greater value on beauty.

So if a man is attractive, both physically and financially, his pickins’ with the ladies will likely be more plentiful than the man who isn’t.

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On the other hand, I’m sure you’ve been around people who don’t care whether or not they’re funny, but their way of being is just naturally funny…

Also, chances are he may not fully appreciate beautiful and successful women because he’s regularly accustomed to them.

Ladies, is the reason you aren’t getting very far in the dating world because you haven’t let go of the girl you were in high school?

Just know that my goal here is to help you get the results you want… to do, but it will be entirely useless if your mindset is wrong.

Have you ever been around someone who was trying really hard to be funny…

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