Dating coins

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Today, although most oriental coins are dated, they are not always dated with an AD date.Both Japan and Taiwan date their coins by the number of years the emperor or government has been in power.Copper coins issued in 1874 during the reign of HM King Rama 5 were the first coins where C. In 1888 HM King Rama 5 declared 1782 as the epoch for the counting of years. This is because on April 6, 1782, Rattanakosin (present day Bangkok) was established as the capital by HM King Rama I and thus began the present Chakri dynasty. Oriental coins generally were not dated until the 19th or 20th century.However some mints made minor differences in the style of the characters on Cash coins, which allowed the coins to be dated to the exact year they were made even though they did not carry a visible date.As I've previously discussed, it is useful for a world coin collector to be able to read numbers and dates in different languages.This allows you to determine the proper date and denomination of a coin.

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The reason for this initial apprehension is that the ancient Romans were excessive abbreviators and that the legends were run together without stops or breaks.

There are additional Japanese symbols for larger multiples of 10: 100: 百 1000: 千 The Japanese number-writing system is known as a non-positional numeral system because individual symbols don't identify their value strictly based on their position in the number.

For example, 40 (四十, 4 10), 400 (四百, 4 100), and 4000 (四千, 4 1000) all use exactly 2 symbols in Japanese (while the Arabic numbers 40, 400, and 4000 use 2, 3, and 4 respectively). This practice largely stopped after World War 2, and for most purposes Japan uses the same year as America would use.

Japanese uses a number-writing system that is shared with the Chinese language, and is generally referred to as the Chinese numerals.

The symbols used to represent 0 through 10 are pictured below, with their European/Arabic equivalent: Numbers above (and including) 10 are not made by combining individual digits, like in the Arabic numeral system.

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