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Other frequent reasons included "We were too young" (11 per cent), "Moved away" (11 per cent) and "Left to attend school" (7 per cent).

When Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera, both 44, connected on Tinder, they had more in common than a mutual love of walks on the beach. ’ ” The lovebirds soon discovered that Ozzy and Butter were twin brothers separated at a shelter at Petaluma Animal Services in California.

The average age of those involved in the reunions was 36.

Older couples attributed their success to having re-found their soulmates and to increased maturity.

Any views expressed in message boards and member notes represent the opinions of the author, and do not represent the opinions of Friends Reunited Limited.You will then be able to share them with your close friends and family.These are all private to you and just the people you share them with.The study is the first done on people reunited with a lost lover after years apart.Nancy Kalish and colleagues from California State University found it was not just the nostalgia of ageing that made people look for their first love.

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