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HOTTEST GUY: Hey look, its bath salts Axl Rose Approach/Chat Up Line: “Welcome to the jungle.” Conversation Skills/Rapport: Spoke mainly in “meows,” and, based on the quality of the meow, I was supposed to deduce the intention behind said meow and converse thusly. Closing Skills: I used to love him but I had to kill him. Closing Skills: If he can’t commit to a fetish, how can he commit to me?

GUY MY MOM WOULD WANT ME TO DATE: Appears to have his own home, wave seems to indicate a genial disposition... 'Cuz I find you really special." Conversational Skills/Rapport: Totally went on a date. Approach/Chat Up Line: "I can think of 101 things I want to do to you." Conversation Skills/Rapport: What kinda half-assed, phoning it in bullshit is this? HELL TO THE NO GUY: Farmers tan, asymmetrical nipples, cowboy hat.. His Approach/ Chat Up Line: "Panic" referred to himself in the third person, which obviously gave me raging wood.

Obviously, if someone doesn't like speed dating, this event isn't suggested for that person. I've been part of running one in the past in a different arena, and it was SO MUCH FUN.

It's suggested for the people who do enjoy the idea of speed dating. So many people got to meet others and share interests and since it was speed dating, there wasn't really anything awkard It was light-hearted, social, and everyone was smiling and having a blast!

There's no one "right" way to be a furry, just like there's no one "right" way to be a fan of anything else!

"Realism refers to whether or not your animal is found in nature," explained my Furry date. Like a tiger as opposed Cheetara." So a furry fetish is not a sexualization of animals per se, but mainly of the characters depicted in comics, video games, movies, etc.The boy told prosecutors he was forced to dress as “Tony the Tiger” at the parties, which were held in Bucks County.Prosecutors said the abuse happened over a 7- or 8-year period.Even picked up on the fur-flying drama with its own hot take: “Does the furry community have a Nazi problem?” Of course, the news media never picks up on stories about how much money furries have donated to charitable causes like veterans associations and animal welfare organizations.

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