Intimidating fight talk

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Mean Joe Greene is known as perhaps the toughest player in NFL history, but he admits there was one guy who could get the best of him on the field.Greene, the Hall of Fame Steelers defensive lineman, appeared on and, when first asked whether he was ever intimidated during his playing days, answered, “That’s not something I experienced when I was on the football field.” But after giving it some thought, Greene mentioned a fellow Hall of Famer, offensive lineman Bob Brown, whom Greene made the mistake of taking on just once. Greenwood lined up opposite Bob Brown,” Greene said.Intimidation can come in many different forms — body language, facial expression, rippling muscles, the cold stare that sends chills through another’s backbone — but whatever its manifestation, its objective is the same: to force a crack in the opponent’s psyche through which fear can enter.

Joe Frazier was asked once if Duran reminded him of anyone. In addition to his reputation and underworld connections, he sported a massive physique and perhaps the best poker face of all-time. Mike Tyson: Iron Mike’s talent for terrifying his opponents is legendary.

But think not it is by way of menace, or to intimidate you to favour me.

Britt lashed his horses around in front of the load with apparent intent to intimidate Tommy.

He said he would tell them not to be afraid and that a newly-elected leader has to be given a little time.

The tough-talking and sometimes temperamental Trump that millions saw during the campaign appeared to be genuinely humbled by the huge responsibility staring at him.

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