Is jonathan rhys meyers still dating reena hammer

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And to top it off, there’s the besotted boyfriend of six years, Irish actor and hollywood hearthrob Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 33.

Petit (5ft 2in) with black wavy hair and total self assurance, Renna is studying English and Latin at King’s College, London.

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I'd kick his ass if he were to sit in my car or on my sofa with those buttons.

Dans la foulée, il rencontre le réalisateur Neil Jordan qui, frappé par sa ressemblance avec Tom Cruise jeune, lui donne le rôle de l'assassion de Liam Neeson dans Michael Collins. Il tourne dans plusieurs films où il est tour à tour bon, méchant, macho ou romantique.

Sa prestation dans Match Point, de Woody Allen, le classe parmi les grands acteurs du moment.

The last time the actor sought help was back in May 2010, after kicking back a few drinks in the VIP lounge of the JFK Airport in New York and being refused on board the plane because he was “too drunk to fly,” according to the Daily Mail.

The actor was so angered that it sent him on a “foul-mouthed tirade,” angering girlfriend Reena Hammer to an extent that she gave him the ultimatum, “Check into rehab or I’m dumping you.” Smart lady!

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