Online dating industry bitterly divided over background checks

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Australians are in denial about their alcohol use, tens of thousands are potentially drinking at risky levels and those in the most danger are seemingly clueless they have a problem, the Global Drug Survey has found.Three-quarters of women killed in NSW die at the hands of loved ones, a statistic that has led the NSW Police Commissioner to warn that domestic violence is one of the ''biggest issues modern society has to face''.t’s the birth of my first child, and I’m seven, maybe eight hours into labor. The nurse crosses her arms in front of her chest while I squat over the toilet, one hand hoisting my hospital gown up toward my enormous belly, the other dangling the plastic cup in an area I can’t even see. If there’s one thing I’ve mastered during pregnancy, it’s peeing into cups.Whatever time it is, I’m well past the point of caring about modesty, so I don’t even think it’s strange when a nurse follows me into the bathroom. My obstetrician’s office required a urine sample at most every visit to check hormone levels.My everyday routine as a pregnant lady involves peeing on demand. When I imagined labor, I expected to pass the time by stretching on an exercise ball or pacing the hospital’s long white hallways.But my doctor is concerned about the baby’s heartbeat – it drops dramatically every time I have a contraction – and so I am confined to a labor bed, an IV of fluids in my arm, an oxygen mask on my face, and belts stretched across my belly to monitor the baby. My doula rubs lavender essential oil on my temples, and my husband plays “Push It,” the Spotify playlist I created for labor and delivery.A DIVIDED US Senate blocked rival election-year plans to curb guns yesterday, eight days after the horror of Orlando’s mass shooting.

“And all the time, their cheerleaders, the bosses at the NRA, are cheering them.” Senate majority leader Mitch Mc Connell, a Republican from Kentuncky, said the Orlando shootings — in which the FBI says the American-born gunman swore allegiance to an Islamic State group leader — show the best way to prevent extremists’ attacks here is to defeat them overseas.

He ended up with a 25-to-life prison sentence under California's ''three strikes'' law.

International drug cartels are increasingly targeting the Australian market due to a rise in demand and the price consumers are willing to pay, with latest figures showing drug seizures and arrests at record highs.

If changes made at the end of Bush's term "had been followed up on, we could have already had the border substantially secure." "A nation that pretends to have a lawful system of immigration has to be willing to execute that," Sessions said, noting that bitter opposition of the ICE agents' union to the "Gang of Eight" bill.

It requires "a certain effort and consistency that's been lacking."He rails at a decision made by the authors of the bipartisan legislation to ignore a 1996 requirement for the use of biometrics -- such as fingerprints -- for visa holders at all entry and exit points.

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