Tequilia dating show

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Former reality TV star Tila Tequila accused Sarah Silverman and the Jews of killing Jesus before saying the comedian was next on a “celebrity sacrifice” list.

Tequila, born Tila Nguyen, was responding on Monday to a fan’s suggestion that a Donald Trump presidency would bring Jesus back to life.

The former star also claimed to be the reincarnation of history’s most reviled figure and put up a picture of herself photoshopped with Hitler’s hat, mustache, and swastika armband.

Tila Tequila may have targeted Silverman for claiming on her 2005 comedy special “Jesus is Magic” that she was glad the Jews killed Jesus and that she would happily do it again.

They were then sent on a cheap romantic getaway, all within the space of a single half-hour episode.

It's easy to write Tila Tequila off as nothing more than a shameless attention whore. She did, afterall, become a household name due to her alleged bisexuality on MTV's "A Shot With Tila Tequila." She was also Playboy's first Asian cyber girl of the month and managed to accumulate over a million My Space friends thanks to being synonymous with sex-drenched pictures and raunchy music with singles like "Stripper Friends." Bikinis and all, Tila Tequila was careful never to peddle herself as a brainy, self-marketing genius—but she's easily the most clever bimbo this side of Paris Hilton. All my friends started calling me Tila Tequila."On our culture's sexual hypocrisy: "If was a dude, I would get praised for having a healthy libido and an active sex life.

Learn more about her inner world with a few choice excerpts from her book, So what's up with this Tila Tequila moniker? Some friends and I snuck out and started taking shots of tequila. Hell, I'd get a high-five for each and every piece of ass I bagged, guy or girl!

After Ellen.com: You don’t seem like the kind of person who would necessarily apply for this kind of show. She said, "You have a great personality for it," blah, blah, blah, and I was like, "ehhh," but after three beers, you know, I took the bait and I did an audition. DC: Yeah, they had a video camera there for the auditions, and they asked me some questions, and I landed the part. Just like, "Ha ha, this is going to be funny," or "This show is going to be ridiculous." You know: "Don’t make a fool of yourself on TV.

There’s going to be a lot of alcohol."Just trying to give me a lot of precautions — "Don’t do this, don’t do that" — but once they finally got to see it, and now we’re like six episodes in, they’re like little girls.

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