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There is no one beside me who can correct my mistakes while speaking and writing in English. You are very welcome to post your writings here, but I'm afraid we don't provide the service of correcting users' writing.Other users might respond to you, though, so please do share them if you'd like to.That is the case with the concept of Fractionation. Was wondering how I would go about dating it, as my last af was end of november but I ovulated on 13th jan. Thanks girls xxx me (23) OH (23) ttc #1 since June, PCOS, Metformin. I also have pcos although my periods are irregular they are normally between 30 and 40 days.

However, due dates are just an estimation as to when the baby may arrive.

Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello teacher, this English learning platform is brilliant.

I learn everyday and it's been 2 weeks, but, I have a problem. Thank you Hello Saakshee, I'm very glad to hear that you find Learn English useful!

Xxx me (23) OH (23) ttc #1 since June, PCOS, Metformin. I'd book one today if you can just say your not sure how far you are coz of Your pcos. Do you think I should just go ahead and book one now even though im still so early?

I'm now 6 weeks and already seen a midwife and had my file given xx My OH wanted to wait until I was past the 14/15dpo mark so that we have more hope of it being a sticky.

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