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Any dietary needs or restrictions are gladly accommodated.

The Southold area is full of things to do and see during your visit.

They might live in the city, but when that city is SF there’s an abundance of fresh, local and ethnic food.

There’s way more than the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, which is incredible, of course - but your someone can also take you to the Stonestown Farmer’s Market, the 22nd and Irving Market, the Mission Community Market and did you know about 4505 Meats? Sure, people in SF love fancy stuff like the symphony, ballet and theater, but they also know how to appreciate every single other thing they see.

Each room is uniquely decorated and well appointed.

SF natives know the seven square miles of downtown like the back of their hand and they’ll share the quickest route, the best buses and the most ingenious ways to get around.Everyone always has the latest version of everything, which means you will too. Your date will be happy to take you to the beach, but they’ll never be obsessed over messing up their tan lines.No more listening to your significant other whine about how they don’t like their jobs. Their jobs offer free haircuts, a travel budget, a music studio, dance parties, places to take naps and discounted tickets for out of town trips. Camping in Big Sur, hiking in Mendocino, skiing in Tahoe—and let’s not forget wine country. Instead they’ll take you on picnics, look for pretty sea glass and fly kites.Puckette, a talented graphic artist and Sommelier, is known for creating unique, easy to follow, and creative infographics that help us understand wine. The clear flavor wheel is color coded and grouped by major flavor group and the dominant olavors are clearly outlined.This year, Wine Folly compiled those infographics and extensive wine knowledge in to a guidebook on wine, Using simple techniques that yield complex results, Wine Folly provides a guide for over 50 wines, and helps the reader create their own ranking system by reinforcing basic building blocks of flavor, origin, and classic terroir. The facts at a glance makes it an excelelnt study guide, as you can see on one page, where it grows, how much grows, and hte average price per bottle.

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