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These skills will provide you with an advantage in the highly competitive field of firefighting.Please note that the job of firefighting requires strenuous physical work.All competencies specified for this program must be met and therefore attendance is critical at all times.

He and his father would comb the short grasses of the plains in search of artifacts exposed by the scouring wind.That curiosity never left him and he returned to it as he prepared to retire from active teaching.Looking for a hobby, he asked a friend with an interest in history to suggest a few intriguing sites to visit.This program authorizes your financial institution to automatically withdraw your property tax payments from your account and forward them to the City of Toronto on the withdrawal dates set for the 2-Instalment, 6-Instalment or the 11-Instalment Payment Plan. If there are balances owing on your property tax account, you will be advised.Once enrolled, you will receive written notification of your acceptance in the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Program.

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